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MWT Benefits

  • Proven Technology
  • Economically Profitable
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Scalable & Sustainable
  • Doable Today

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Waste to Renewable Energy

Since you are at this site you are probably aware of the various opinions on “green”, “green energy”, “renewable energy”, “waste”, “fossil fuels”, “feedstock’s” and processes.

You are either looking for technical information on our process, or you are looking for a solution to a current problem. An investor may be looking for a renewable fuel investment.

We will endeavor to answer your questions as the MWT process is presented. We have a patented process and a great deal of IP. There are many areas of our innovation we must keep confidential. We will describe our system and its advantages.

Any statements we make here are believed to be accurate We believe any statements we make here are accurate. If you have a question about any specific, we get you an answer. We can put you in touch with someone who has observed and evaluated this system for over 12 years. Project manager, CH2MHILL Engineering and consulting, has completed final engineering and specs. A major equipment manufacturer executive that builds the processors. A Research Engineer, Georgia Institute of Technology who has conducted over 800 tests on MWT equipment, as well as air quality and by-product analysis on a variety of feedstocks.

While our process is the lowest capital cost per ton processed, we have many other distinct advantages.

  • Ancient technology updated with 21st century innovation.
  • Double environmental impact. Diversion of waste to landfills and a huge recovery of renewable energy and chemicals.
  • Technically proven modular skid design to be duplicated repeatedly as a new plant or to increase production of current facilities.
  • Competitive by-products, without grants, guarantees or subsidies.
  • Global markets are accessible due to less complicated construction and feedstock availability.

Doable Mission

Unless you can provide a profitable, stand alone technology to the world, you have a science project - not a business.

- Al Miller, CEO -

The challenges we face today in the world of waste disposal cannot be solved with the solutions of the past.

- Al Miller, CEO -

MWT's mission was - and still is, waste reduction. Our business is turning waste into by-products for use as renewable fuels or higher value products.

- Al Miller, CEO -

Our process works. It is not hype or "pie in the sky", it is renewable energy that is good for the environment, profitable for everyone and, most importantly, it is doable today.

- Al Miller, CEO -

New solutions must be centered on renewable and doable, both technologically and economically.

- Al Miller, CEO -

I have worked with other waste treatment plants and think this is the most environmentally clean plant needing only a minimum of pollution abatement equipment. This reduces the time, cost and ease of permitting the plants, even in metro areas.

- Atlanta, Ga. P.E. -

By adding the carbon produced in this process to asphalt shingles and highway mix, (MWT) have achieved excellent results.

- Atlanta, Ga. P.E. -